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FirstName: Brian

Surname: Cave


Comments: My daughter Becky told me of your site. Will you remember us 
living in Longhope 1969-1998! You rang bells with Mr. Penn our neighbour?
We live in France.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (John Nightingale) sent the following comments:
Michael, your page is a delight; my faith in humanity 
has been refreshed this night!
Press on with a full garage peal,
John N.
-------------------------------------------------------- (Barbara Porket) sent the following comments:
Fascinating site - it never ceases to amaze me what
people keep in garages apart from cars and rubbish - keep
up the good work!
--------------------------------------------------------- (Christopher Lee) sent the following comments:
I thought that the called changes part was very good. 
Thank you. It will keep me occupied calling all of those.
I am a ringer in the north eastern district of the Essex 
association. I ring at Bures and in Colchester.
Once again thank you.
Christopher Lee
--------------------------------------------------------- (Geoff Stickland) sent the following comments:
Must come and have a grab! Will you give you a link in 
our website:
--------------------------------------------------------- (Christy Pratt) sent the following comments:
Great site. I especially like the page on call changes 
but do not understand some of the lettering included in 
some of the changes e.g. Emmanuel 15926037E48T. I have 
been ringing bells a long time in Mt. St. Alphonsus 
Bellringing Society in Limerick Ireland. Please visit our 
web site at
--------------------------------------------------------- (Mark) sent the following comments:
--------------------------------------------------------- (Michael Williams!) sent the following comments:
I visited Lundy 40 years ago and thought it was now time 
to go back with my young family. It seems to have been 
over-developed since then!  Obviously I had to visit your 
site and I credit you for your efforts in bringing your 
knowledge to a much wider audience. All the best, MW.

--------------------------------------------------------- (Michael Wilby) sent the following comments:
Interesting page.  One change we ring at Towcester is
675849302E1T.  Obviously this works on all numbers and is 
a variation on Tittums.  It comes up well as a prelude to 
a course-end of Stedman Cinques too!
--------------------------------------------------------- (Steph) sent the following comments:
I found your excellent page in yahoo, while looking for 
lundy sites. I haven't ever been to Lundy (it's along includes long tales about wind direction etc!), 
basically I sat on the MS Oldenburg for 6 hours in Landing 
bay... although I've been very interested in it for a few 
years now... 
Well done on the great page,
Steph x
--------------------------------------------------------- (Francis Moore) sent the following comments:
Coming to Lundy for the 5th time on Monday with a friend. 
Can't wait! I've always said: dangle me a month's holiday 
in California and a week on Lundy in the summer, I'd 
always take Lundy. First off, I think I'll show my friend 
the sunset at the battery.
Yippee! Back to Puffin Island again!
--------------------------------------------------------- (Anthony Rouse) sent the following comments:
I saw the reference to your pages in your note to the 
change ringers news group. An interesting site, well 
worth visiting. I found the list of call changes useful.
I am also interested in Islands. Our family house was on 
the Isle of Wight for a number of years, and I spend my 
final years at school at Sandown Grammar school. My work 
involves the software simulation of aircraft systems for 
simulators used in pilot training. 
--------------------------------------------------------- (Tony) sent the following comments:
Well done!
I live in church road, just up the road from the bells.
--------------------------------------------------------- (Chris Alford) sent the following comments:
I have just viewed your Lundy Island site, my special 
interest in this site is that my father Mr Harry Alford 
used to live on the island, during I think, the 20's or 

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