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The table, together with the table of former portables, describes all the known former dumb-bell rings (except where the owner has opted out).

Directory of Former Dumb-Bell Rings
Location Name Bells Weight TB Id Disposal Previously
Binley Woods, Warwickshire The Bell Tower 12 ? In Storage
Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia The SWELTER Ring 6 3lb Scrapped
Frensham, Surrey More House School 6 ? In Storage
Okehampton, Devon The Denmisch Ring 10 1-0-00 7760 Transferred
St Anne, Alderney, Channel Islands The Beresford Campanile 6 6 0-2-15 Transferred
St Annes on the Sea, Lancashire The Heyhouses Ring 6 ? 7905 In Storage
St Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands The Field in St Martin's 6 6 0-2-15 Transferred Previously
Saxilby, Lincolnshire The Saxilby Simulator Campanile 4 6 0-2-10 Transferred
Swanmore, Ryde, Hampshire S Michael & All Angels 3(6) ? Transferred

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