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The table, together with the table of former portables, describes all the known former mini-rings (except where the owner has opted out).

Directory of Former Mini-Rings
Location Name Bells Weight Key TB Id Disposal Previously
Abingdon, Berkshire The Astbury and O'Shea Ring 5 9lb Ab In Storage
Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire The Campanile 1 8 6¾lb A Transferred
Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire The Campanile 1 12(2) 18lb G 6178 Transferred
Aldbourne, Wiltshire The Old Forge Campanile 8 10lb 0oz G 6033 Transferred
Alverstoke, Hampshire The Campanile 1 8 6lb E 0094 Scrapped
Armitage, Staffordshire The Campanile 8 10lb 6oz G 7362 Transferred
Awbridge, Hampshire The Clock House Bells 10 2-2-00 E 7651 Now Too Heavy
Ballymena, Antrim, Northern Ireland The Lathe Ring 3 3lb 3oz B 7902 In Storage
Balscote, Oxfordshire Greenways Farm 10 1-3-08 Bb 7694 Transferred Previously
Balscote, Oxfordshire Home Farm 5 12lb 7048 Scrapped Previously
Balscote, Oxfordshire Home Farm 10 1-3-08 Bb 7048 Transferred
Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire The Flintstone Pots 1 5 8lb 5oz C 7786 In Transit Previously
Belper, Derbyshire The Belper Campanile 6 10lb 6oz Ab 6708 Transferred
Berkeley, Gloucestershire The Mews Ring 1 6 1lb 13oz A 7415 Transferred
Billington, Lancashire Tiger-le-Tower 8 9lb 4oz D Transferred
Binley Woods, Warwickshire The Bell Tower 6 1½lb In Storage
Bishopsteignton, Devon Bishops-Ting-Tong 6 10lb 0oz G 6561 Transferred Previously
Bishopstoke, Hampshire The Bishopstoke Campanile 5 10 16lb E 7857 In Storage Previously
Braintree, Essex Garage-le-Tower 1 6 0-1-04 F# 6165 In Storage
Braishfield, Hampshire The Campanile 1 12(2) 11¼lb B 5805 Transferred Previously
Brockenhurst, Hampshire The Campanile 6 6lb 0oz Ab In Storage
Brockenhurst, Hampshire The Corridor Ring 8 3oz C 7815 Transferred Previously
Brockenhurst, Hampshire Jennie's Old Bedroom Ring 4 6 1¼oz C 7636 Transferred
Brockenhurst, Hampshire The Rainbow Ring 8 3oz C 7749 Transferred
Brockenhurst, Hampshire Not The Rainbow Ring 12 1¼oz C 7772 In Storage Previously
Brockenhurst, Hampshire The Washroom Ring 8 6½oz G 7463 In Storage
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire The Paint Tins 3 4 13⅕oz B 7892 Transferred
Capheaton, Northumberland The Clock Mill Campanile 4 8 10lb 11oz G 6048 Transferred
Chilcompton, Somerset The Campanile 10 11lb 0oz Ab 1093 Transferred
Clay Bottom, Bristol, Gloucestershire The Red Light Ring 6 10lb 8oz C# 7439 Transferred Previously
Claydon, Suffolk The Folly 8 15lb 9oz E 7544 Transferred
Cockshutt, Shropshire The Old Hayes Loft Campanile 5 4lb 15¼oz F# 6053 Transferred Previously
Colne, Lancashire The Campanile 1 6 7¾lb E In Storage Previously
Crowthorne, Berkshire The Coleridge Campanile 8 10lb 0oz G 6023 Transferred
Curload, Somerset The Curload Clappers 6 0-1-18 G 7862 In Storage Previously
Doulting Beacon, Somerset The Knapps Farm Campanile 12 16lb 5oz E 7733 In Transit Previously
Drinagh, Cork, Irish Republic The Far Cork Campanile 12 10lb 15oz Ab 7720 Transferred Previously
Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada The Smoke Ring 4 8 15lb 3oz E 7778 Transferred
Exmouth, Devon The Bedroom Ring 10 5lb 8oz C 1827 Transferred
Exmouth, Devon The Garage Ring 4 6 1lb 9½oz F# 1826 Transferred
Fenton, Lincolnshire The Fenton Campanile 1 3 15lb G Scrapped
Fenton, Lincolnshire The Fenton Campanile 1 12(7) 17½lb F Scrapped
Fobbing, Essex The Barstaple Campanile 6 6 22lb D 6166 In Storage
Framlingham, Suffolk The Well Close Square Campanile 1 8 4lb 13oz Eb 7407 In Storage
Frosterley, Durham The Black Bull Ring 4 8 10lb 11oz G 7449 Transferred Previously
Gosport, Hampshire My Useless Ring of Three 3 3lb Bb In Storage
Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand The Waikato Mini-Ring 4 8 10lb 3oz G 7826 Transferred
Hawkley, Hampshire The Hawkley Shed Campanile 3 5 ? Scrapped
Hayes, Middlesex The Loft Campanile 5 4lb 15¼oz F# 5804 Transferred
Haywards Heath, Sussex Bellflowermews 1 6 3lb 5oz F# 7848 Transferred Previously
Hempsted, Gloucestershire The Newark Ring 6 1lb 1oz A 7901 Transferred
Highclere, Hampshire The Campanile 6 7½oz Scrapped
Highnam, Gloucestershire The Longhope Campanile 3 9lb 10oz G 7593 In Storage Previously
Holme Lacy, Herefordshire The Workshop Campanile 8 1lb 8oz G 5801 Transferred
Hooe, Sussex Dewby's Bells 4 8 21⅖lb B 7535 Transferred
Hook, Hampshire The Ambergate Campanile 10 10lb 4oz F# 6036 Transferred
Horsted Keynes, Sussex Bellflowermews 1 6 3lb 5oz F# 7899 Transferred Previously
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia The Alphabet Ring (Butler Street) 6 8 15lb 3oz Eb 7850 Transferred Previously
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia The Alphabet Ring (Ward Street) 6 8 15lb 3oz Eb 7871 Transferred Previously
Kingsteignton, Devon Kings-Ting-Tong 6 10lb 0oz G 6449 Transferred
Kingsteignton, Devon Kings-Ting-Tong 6 10lb 0oz G 6449 Transferred Previously
Korea S Martha 5 20lb Dispersed
Lambourn, Berkshire The Far Corfe Campanile 12 10lb 15oz Ab 7620 Transferred Previously
Lamerton, Devon The Hurdwick Peal 3 2-2-00 F 7387 Transferred
Liss, Hampshire The Campanile 3 12(1) 5lb 7010 Dispersed
Liss, Hampshire The Campanile (129 Station Road) 1 12(2) 11¼lb B 7010 Transferred
Liss, Hampshire The Campanile (The Rectory) 1 12(2) 11¼lb B 7698 Transferred Previously
Liss, Hampshire The Hillbrow Campanile 12 15lb 4oz E 2471 Transferred
Little Abington, Cambridgeshire The Fenland Campanile 5 10oz Eb Transferred
Long Ashton, Somerset The Red Light Ring 1 6 10lb 8oz C# 7420 Transferred Previously
Longhope, Gloucestershire The Campanile 6 9lb 10oz G 5990 Transferred
Longhope, Gloucestershire The Flow'rpots 4 6½oz In Storage
Lyng, Norfolk Campanile Dyngalyng 8 16lb 2oz F 7745 Transferred Previously
Malvern Wells, Worcestershire The Campanile 8 16lb 4oz F# 6883 Transferred
Marston Bigot, Somerset Pig-le-Tower 8 20lb 11oz D 6014 Transferred
Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland The Druim Croft Campanile 8 1-0-11 C 6145 In Storage Previously
Oakley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Bellflowerpots 1 5 8lb 5oz C 7774 Transferred
Old Langho, Lancashire The Brockhall Campanile 1 8 7¾lb E Transferred
Overton, Hampshire The Campanile 1 6 6lb F 3785 Transferred
Overton, Hampshire The Loft Pots 1 5 3½lb Scrapped
Parc, Bala, Merioneth, Wales The Campanile 5 11lb 0oz F# 5817 Transferred
Potterton, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Butterywells Farm 8 1-0-11 C 3961 Transferred
St Neots, Huntingdonshire The Parkway Campanile 4 11lb 5oz E 6167 Transferred
Sale, Cheshire Woodville Drive 8 1lb 0oz C 7578 Dispersed
Sawley, Derbyshire The Jeptha Pacey Memorial Ring 1 3 2lb 11oz B 6710 In Storage
Shelford, Nottinghamshire The Cuckoo Tower 1 6 10lb 8oz C# 7529 Transferred Previously
Shelford, Nottinghamshire The Mousetrap Ring 8 4lb 7469 In Storage
Shelland, Suffolk The Millbeck Ring 8 15lb 9oz E 7740 Transferred Previously
Shepton Mallet, Somerset The Summer House Campanile 6 11lb 5oz E 6140 Transferred Previously
Soucé, Pays de la Loire, France Le Petit Beffroi 8 16lb 2oz F 7582 Transferred
Southampton, Hampshire The Hartley Twelve 6 12 15lb 6oz Eb 6100 Transferred
Southampton, Hampshire The Red Light Ring 1 6 10lb 8oz C# 6442 Transferred
Southampton, Hampshire The Southampton University Campanile 6 12 15lb 6oz Eb 7627 Transferred Previously
Stillington, Yorkshire The John Best Hutchinson Ring 6 4lb 2¼oz A On Display
Stoke Orchard, Gloucestershire Bellflowermews 1 5 3lb 6½oz Ab 7671 Transferred Previously
Stoulton, Worcestershire The Campanile 8(1) 1-1-16 A# 4788 Scrapped
Stoulton, Worcestershire The Campanile 12(1) 1-1-11 Bb 4788 Transferred
Stoulton, Worcestershire The Foundry Workshop 6 0-2-09 F# 4789 Transferred
Stubbington, Hampshire The Midways Campanile 10 11¼oz F# 6894 Transferred
Swanage, Dorset The Beehive 6 10lb 15oz Ab 6098 Transferred
Taunton, Somerset Potters Yard 10 1-1-09½ Ab 3959 Transferred
Tavistock, Devon The Mine Captain's Peal 3 2-2-00 F 7508 In Storage Previously
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Bellflowering 6 10lb 6oz G 7507 Transferred
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Bellflowermews 1 4 2lb 12oz Bb 7580 Transferred
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire The Former Mews Ring 1 6 1lb 13oz A Transferred Previously
Thatcham, Berkshire The Swift Micro-Ring 3 5 ⅝oz C In Storage
Towcester, Northamptonshire The Rack 6 3lb 6oz Bb 6169 Transferred Previously
Trotton, Sussex The Trotton Mini Ring 6 0-1-18 G 7790 Transferred Previously
Twizel, South Island, New Zealand Karearea Bells 8 10lb 6oz G 7796 Transferred
Waccabuc, New York, USA The Coleridge Campanile 8 10lb 0oz G 6159 Transferred Previously
Walsoken, Norfolk The Coleridge Campanile 8 10lb 0oz G 6163 Transferred Previously
Warmington, Warwickshire Charlie Jarvis's Ring 5 12lb Transferred
Warnham, Sussex The Bell Meadow Peal 5 10 21lb 3oz Eb 6486 Transferred
Washington, Sussex The Chanctonbury Campanile 1 12(2) 0-1-00 G 7546 Transferred Previously
Welsh Frankton, Shropshire The Old Hayes Loft Campanile 5 4lb 15¼oz F# 7757 In Storage Previously
Welsh Frankton, Shropshire The Stables Campanile 5 11lb 0oz F# 7659 In Storage Previously
West Huntspill, Somerset The Chair Ring 6 0-2-02 F 7810 In Storage Previously
West Malling, Kent The Campanile 8 15¼oz D In Storage
West Meon, Hampshire The Meonside Campanile 8 11lb 3oz E 7451 Transferred Previously
West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia The Alphabet Ring 6 8 15lb 3oz Eb 7838 Transferred Previously
Westbury on Trym, Bristol, Gloucestershire The Garage Campanile 8 7oz D Transferred
Whickham, Durham The Whickham Campanile 3 10 ? Scrapped
Whitacre Heath, Warwickshire The Whitacre Heath Campanile 6 20lb 4½oz F# 7581 Transferred

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