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The directory describes all the known mini-rings (except where the owner has opted out). It includes both portable and non-portable rings, rings no longer in existence and 'rings' of dumb-bells.

For more information about any of them either follow the associated link or e-mail me.


A brand new octave, the Waikato Mini Ring, is now operational in Hamilton, New Zealand, initially as a portable ring but in due course also as a non-portable.

A ring of six Adelaide style dumb-bells was installed at Kensington, S Mary Abbots during 2016.

A new portable ring of six is currently under construction in Kent; more details in due course.

The ring of six SaxSims, formerly on Alderney and known as the Beresford Campanile, has been transferred to St Martin, Jersey.

The Knapps Farm Campanile, Somerset is available once more following a move to a new location within the boundary of the same property.

The Alphabet Ring, Perth has been put into storage, as has the Trotton Mini Ring, Sussex.


Rings of three or more bells are included. The number of bells in the diatonic ring is shown together with the number of semitones (in parenthesis), where applicable.

Roughly speaking, the criteria for inclusion are either that the ring is in private ownership with a tenor weight of around 2.5 cwt or less, or that the ring is in public ownership with a tenor weight of around 1 cwt or less.

All dumb-bell rings are included regardless of 'weight'.

italics: Unringable or otherwise unavailable
1: Ceramic bells
2: Hemispherical bells
3: Steel bells
4: Fixed ring also portable
5: Fixed ring also partly portable
6: Freestanding ring (not portable)
7: Under construction
8: In Transit

The TowerBase identifier (TB Id) assists with looking up the correct mini-ring in TowerBase or Felstead.

Links are provided between a ring and its previous instance (if any) within this directory.

Various rings that are still at the planning stage are not listed, and neither are scale models.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me to keep this directory up-to-date. Tim Jackson collates all the information and updates each page so must take all the credit for what has now become a comprehensive resource. Please e-mail me with any further additions or corrections.

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